Nokia N80 disassembly

If you require a new screen, phone cover and screwdrivers, they can be purchased here:

Tools required: T6 screwdriver & pair of non magnetic tweezers or a plastic shim such as a guitar plectrum
  • Remove the battery & sim card. Undo the torx screws shown in the image below

  • Using the handle end of the tweezers, insert them into the grooves, shown by the arrows below.

  • Lever the tweezers out to undo the tabs at the top and middle and your phone will be like below. Slide the top cover down towards the keypad to remove it.

  • The top cover and keypad have now been removed (below).

  • Next remove the soft key board by removing the screws indicated below.

  • Now remove the LCD screen by disconnecting the ribbon cable, which the arrow shows below. Gently lift this part until it unplugs from the main board

  • Using the tweezers, pop out the screen by levering it with the tweezers in the area indicated by the arrows in the picture below.

  • Your phone should now be as pictured below.

  • Replace the old LCD with new Reverse the procedure for disassembly and it's finished. 

If you have any questions about Nokia N80 disassembly, email The official service manual for this phone may also help you with further Nokia N80 disassembly. Click here for details