Sony Ericsson K300i disassembly

If you require a new screen, phone cover and screwdrivers, they can be purchased here:

Tools required: plastic shim such as a Bic pen lid and T6 screwdriver
  • Remove the battery cover, battery and sim card. Unscrew the 2 x torx screws you see (circled below).

  • Next use the pen lid to unclip the aerial cover. This requires some force and needs to be done on both sides of the aerial cover.

  • The aerial cover is now freed and you have access to two further torx 6 screws (circled). Remove these screws.

  • Use the pen lid to skim around the edges of the front cover, whilst gently pushing the cover away from the main body of the phone to prise and release the clips which hold it in place (as pictured below).

  • You should now have the phone in two parts. The next task is to remove the PCB from the housing. It is held in place y clips going all the way around the phone (circled below).
  • Free the clips with the pen lid and then carefully lift the PCB (be careful as there is a ribbon behind the PCB which is still attached)
  • Unclip the ribbon, circled below.
  • The ribbon is now freed, as shown below.
  • The screen is held in place by four clips (2 on each side). You can unclip these with your fingernails.
  • The screen ribbon is held down with a piece of black sticky tape. Remove this.
  • You can now remove the LCD by gently pulling the ribbon away from the connector, circled below.

If you have any questions about Sony Ericsson K300i disassembly, email The official service manual for this phone may also help you with further Sony Ericsson K300i disassembly. Click here for details