Sony Ericsson W910i disassembly

If you require a new screen, phone cover and screwdrivers, they can be purchased here:

Tools required:
Torx 6 screwdriver, Phillips size 0 screwdriver

1) Remove the back cover and battery. Slide the slider up and you be able to access two screws in the battery compartment. There are also two screws hidden under two plastic stickers at the top of the slide. There are three other screws but they don't need removing to change the LCD. Just remove the circled screws

Sony Ericsson W910i disassembly stage 1

2) You can now remove the front cover. Run your fingernail along the edge of the cover to unclip it from the rest of the phone

Sony Ericsson W910i disassembly stage 2

3) Your phone will now be in two parts, like below. Remove the circled screw

Sony Ericsson W910i disassembly stage 3

4) You can now lift the LCD from the phone. Part of the keypad contacts will still be attached by a ribbon which connects like a plug and socket. Simply lift it upward to unplug the ribbon

Sony Ericsson W910i disassembly stage 4

5) You can now replace the LCD. Note that the keypad contact part was also attached to the phone by two ribbons (circled) which need to be re-attached. Reverse the whole procedure for reassembly

Sony Ericsson W910i disassembly stage 5

If you have any questions about Sony Ericsson W910i disassembly, please email The official service manual for this phone may also help you with further Sony Ericsson W910i disassembly. Click here for details