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Our latest GUIDE

Our latest mobile phone repair guide is for the Nokia Lumia 625. Learn how to take apart your mobile, order parts from us, save money and get your phone up and running again!


Nokia Lumia 625 repair guide

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Kristina Litja - August 29 2014

The product was what I expected it to be and it arrived on time (actually sooner than it was supposed to). I was very pleased with the product.

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Ivar Gunnarsson - August 25 2014

Speedy service, good price and the goods were in perfect order.


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Product ID: e430touch
Manufacturer: LG
ISBN: 0651046444930
LG Optimus L3 2 E430 touch screen/digitizer
Quantity in stock: 2

(reduced from: £15.00)
Price: £10.00
12.58 EUR 16.24 USD
Product ID: e610touch
Manufacturer: LG
ISBN: 0651046451235
LG Optimus L5 E610 touch screen/digitizer
Quantity in stock: 5

(reduced from: £35.00)
Price: £15.00
18.87 EUR 24.36 USD
Product ID: lumia1520digitizer
Manufacturer: Nokia
ISBN: 0651046443070
Nokia Lumia 1520 touch screen/digitizer
Quantity in stock: 4

(reduced from: £55.00)
Price: £45.00
56.61 EUR 73.09 USD
Product ID: lumia820guard
Manufacturer: formymobile
ISBN: 0651046451891
Nokia Lumia 820 screen protector - twin pack
Quantity in stock: 983

Price: £3.00
3.77 EUR 4.87 USD